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About Caroline Le Bourgeois

I come from France and was born and raised in Normandy. I developed a passion for creating and painting at a young age, and naturally went on to follow my creative path by studying art and design in Paris.
I followed my studies with a career in interior design where I worked with a wide variety of clients for over 10 years across Paris, Bruxelles and London. After which I finally returned to art and painting when I settled in Devizes, South West England.
Even though I have used many different medium in the past, I am currently thoroughly enjoying working with acrylic inks. The unpredictable and unexpected effects along with the amazing array of colours never cease to amaze me.
The main inspirations for my work are wildlife and farm animals, including the characters from Caenhill Countryside Centre where I am a trustee and have a small studio space. I not only love to show the personalities of the animals through my work, I love to add a touch of humour and quirkinesses too, this makes me a smile every time.

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