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Mouse and Strawberry painting!

Bonjour everybody!I have painted many little mice with fruits or doing funny things as when I happen to meet one, there is always a story creating itself in my head!Chris and I were filling up a couple of bucket with fruits for Marlene the pig when a little mouse appeared eating one of Marlene strawberry! I am sure Marlene didn't mind but this stay...
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Margot the baby goat!

Bonjour everybody!Babies are very much taking most of our time at Caenhill countryside centre and we love it!Here is a picture of Margot the little kid goat, she is already so mischievous I can tell she is going to have a very strong personality!I am amazed how well they all get one with other goats and lambs, it's like a big family gathering ...
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Farm Rush Hour!

Bonjour everybody!I can't go any longer without talking about the rush hour!!The morning farm habit has gone viral about a year ago and is putting a smile on people's face all around the world thanks to Chris who is literally giving a voice to each animals, the most famous is of course Cuthbert the goose!I have painting many Rush hours and decided ...
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Commissions taken!

Bonjour everybody!This gorgeous girl is called Bella, I love the way she looks up, it seems she is thinking about the future, maybe her next walk or her next treat!When it come to the composition of each artwork, I always focus on the eyes as it is the way we, as human, communicate with our lovely pets. By doing this, I draw your eyes to ...
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Triplets Lambs Painting and their story.

Bonjour everybody!Here I am this morning! In Devizes Shambles with our lambs triplets shown off on the main easel!The triplets are actually orphans, we have the boy called Bob, and the 2 girls Rachel and Louise. They have been brought to Caenhill Countryside centre when they were only 10 days old, their mum died and the farmer thought it would...
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Painting process.

Bonjour everybody!My painting process is very similar for each painting.I do photographs a lot whether it is at the farm or when out or travelling, photographs are the foundation of my work but so is observation: how does the subject move, how does the light falls onto it and what colour and reflection does it create.On the right hand side is ...
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Greeting Cards.

Bonjour everybody!What a delight to be able to present my new greeting card, this little squirrel painting has a story:I was painting it in Devizes shambles where I trade regularly on Thursdays and a lady bought it when it was not even finished, then another couple saw me painting it a bit later on, since it was sold they commissioned me ...
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Bonjour everybody!The very popular #caturday is going to flood the world of social media very soon and rightly so! I do believe that cats deserve their weekly tradition of posting and Saturdays are the best days as we are all feeling exited by the weekend coming, nothing better than to put you in the mood with cats pictures!Smudge fr...
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Throw back Thursday!

Bonjour everybody!This is Smudge as a very small kitten!It is only when you look back even just a few months that you realise how much things have change and with animals it just shows so much. Only last summer, Smudge was a kitten going on her little adventure on the farm with not a care in the world!Today CaenhillCC is having new b...
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Commission time

Bonjour to you! Studio time today! I have been painting pet portraits for years and it is always a new discovery for me, I love the process, from meeting my clients who absolutely adore their little companions to the finished painting where all the love, the stories they told me has influenced the artwork.This is Bentley on the ...
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Zebra painting.

Bonjour to you! Another rainy day but the memories of Kenya warm me up! Thank you Chris for this picture!I have been working on a piece that I am very proud to show you today!Zebras are so beautiful and painting them taught me how their pattern can be so efficient, it did get my eyes squinting a lot and by building up the layers of colour litt...
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Beyond the scene.

Bonjour to you! Another wet day here but there is always something to be appreciated, I pulled the curtains this morning to be welcomed by the most beautiful rainbow and thought: this is going to be a good day!In between brush strokes I find the time to do a few things that make my world go round! Of to ship a couple of order, a lovely co...
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Kenyan Elephant painting

Bonjour to you! It is wet and windy here in the UK so I am really appreciating a day in my studio today. My Kenyan elephant painting is off to a new home along with "Jerry the Giraffe" painting. For having witnessed how elephants move and the unbelievable strength they have when I was in Kenya, I am really pleased with the way this p...
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Orphan triplets lambs have arrived!

It was good to be able to help with our three new orphan lambs that arrived at the farm from a local farmer. Sadly their mother died and he need help with their feeding. We will of course keep them and they will become part of our flock. The male is called  Bob.  I hope in time to paint them, if interested in a painting of any of our...
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A wet but busy day in the Shambles Devizes

Despite a very wet day in Devizes I had a busy day selling my animal prints and greeting cards. I am based in the shambles Devizes which is a covered market.  The alpacas and donkey greeting cards were again popular. It was also good to have a couple of enquiries for pet portrait commissions. It was great to have such ...
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Pet portrait commission

Bonjour to you.I am very happy to show you my latest commission, I love pets having a cat myself and spending a lot of time around farm animals at the Caenhill countryside centre. I have mixed my love for animals, my skills and the inspiration I get from everyday life to create this beautiful piece and I can't thank my clients enough to give me the...
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My good friend Cuthbert the Goose

 Cuthbert the goose is a very famous goose and is part of the animal team at the Caenhil Countryside Centre.  I am a trustee and I get inspired with the animals at the farm, many of which I paint. You can order prints of the farm animals including Cuthbert the Goose by visiting my shop.It looks like Cuthbert missed Caroline as well. I won...
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Pet portrait time

Bonjour to you! A day in the studio where this artwork is taking shape, I particularly love when the eye appear as it suddenly gives life to the subject!This is Boris and he is ready to go to his home!I have painted many commissions over the years and every time I feel "this is the best one" or something happens in the painting process th...
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