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Latte, our rescue rabbit is the star of Easter this year!

Bonjour everybody!It's Easter Sunday!The day little ones go for an egg hunt and will eat lots of chocolate! Aww!! We all need a bit of a treat and some fun these days so let's welcome Easter and make the best of it. Some of you may be stuck at home and maybe on your own, I feel for you if it is the case.Today we are blessed with an amazing tec...
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Easter time and rainbows!

Bonjour everybody!It is good Friday or "Goose Friday"like Cuthbert would say!This is a very unusual one this year as being with family is not going to happen for so many people all around the world. My best memories of Easter was when I was about 7 years old in France in a place called Cap Ferret. My grand mother had a nice little house with a...
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How long does it take me to paint ??

Bonjour everybody!I get asked regularly how long it takes me to paint a piece, I would say it takes me a life time 😁First of all, the ideas can take a long time to mature, thinking about the light, the colours, the composition and what process or method would be best to suit the subject.​The reason it takes a life time is because as an ar...
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When Cuthbert the goose inspire people to paint!

Bonjour everybody!When I opened my emails yesterday, I wasn't expecting such a lovely message, Michele who has been following us on Twitter wrote to me about the painting of Cuthbert the goose that she has done recently. She has been painting for a while and this is her first animals, Michele's message really warm my heart, mostly when she wro...
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We have a new baby!!

Bonjour everybody!This is the most amazing moment:This morning is beautiful, we can feel that the sunrise is going to be stunning, the moon is full and still showing in the sky and the frost give an atmosphere to the landscape that is so unique to this time of the year. Chris and I were just walking down the field to see and check that it...
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Midnight the sheep and primary colours.

Bonjour everybody!I have decided to do some video talking about art along with the farm animals as you might have seen either here or on my YouTube channel, I also do my best to explain how I work and how the medium that I use most of the time (Acrylic Inks) works for me. Here I am talking of the primary colours and how you can re-create any c...
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Ken the rooster is so exited about his portrait!

Bonjour everybody!A little art talk for today, I decided to dedicate this one to our most famous rooster at CaenhillCC countryside centre: Ken!If you follow CaenhillCC, you would have been woken up a few times by Ken! Ken crows because he has an internal clock that helps him anticipate sunrise (Even though Ken can crow all day long!) like all ...
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Farm rush hour from the barn!

Bonjour everybody!Filming the rush hour from the animals point of view is something that I love doing!They all know what is going to happen and they get so exited, these days I always have Tik and Rain our 2 kid goats and our 3 adopted lambs Bob, Rachel and Louise all over me requesting bottles of milk! Animals are most active in the morn...
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Daisy our rescue calf.

Bonjour everybody!If there is one of our rescue member that I fell in love with when they first arrived its Daisy the calf, Chris and Helie rescued her from the market where nobody wanted her, you can only imagine what would have happened to her.I don't know what it is about cows but I have the impression that they have this acute ability to p...
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Throwback Kenya.

Bonjour everybody!The traditional throwback Thursday is here!I was just looking at old photos and videos and it's unbelievable how life has changed! Chris and I were in Kenya only in January/beginning February and the freedom we had was just something that we can only dream of today.I am the kind of person who look at the future rather th...
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Driving Bessy the old tractor.

Bonjour everybody!Since we have no physical help anymore at the farm due to these days circumstances, the animals rely only on us. I am learning more than I had ever anticipated now, as before the lockdown, I was mainly helping with media and helping raising funds with my art, I now spend more and more time doing farm work. So, refre...
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Duran the peacock and colours talk.

Bonjour everybody!Spending time observing is very important as an artist, learning how to see is a skill that we can all learn and if painting or drawing is one of the thing you would like to learn, observing and analysing what shape and colours you have in front of you is key as it is the foundation of your artwork.You might say "I have eyes! I ca...
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Morning routine with the sheep and lambs.

Bonjour everybody!That is most days my morning routine at the farm, before even opening my social medias or emails I am off in the field to see the sheep and recently the lambs who are Henry the ram's little ones, you cannot miss it when you see their faces, they look like Henry so much.This is a time for me to relax, reflect and appreciate nature ...
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Running in the woods and UK lockdown.

Bonjour everybody!The work at the farm is very physical, we are on our feet practically all day apart from when we are sitting down in our media cabin to upload on social media or have a meeting or video call with Chris and Kara.Here in the UK with the lockdown rules and restrictions, people are still allowed to take one form of exercise ...
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Work is never boring here!

Bonjour everybody!Even though we are working like crazy these days, happiness and fun are very much present at Caenhill Countryside centre!Animals are sometimes looking at us and seem to think we are a little deranged (like Alfi the cat on this photo) but I am sure they love us for it. This is feed and water time with an oc...
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Butterscotch the Guinea pig and strawberries

Bonjour everybody!I am so pleased to be able to present you my latest painting: "Butterscotch the Guinea Pig and Strawberries" She looks so happy and I can tell you after spending time helping her settling in her new environment that she has a very nice and gentle personality.She was the the most stressed one when she arrived an...
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Farm life, a smile in these difficult time

Bonjour everybody!Whatever the weather, the season or how challenging the situation is like these challenging times we are having to go through now, the farm work has to carry on at Caenhill Countryside Centre. Without the help we normally get from our lovely volunteers, long hours and hard work are very much our daily life these days.There is...
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Painting of Butterscotch our guinea pig!

Bonjour everybody!I couldn't help but spending time with Butterscotch, one of the new rescue Guinea pigs from Caenhill Countryside centre and she won my heart, out of the four guinea pigs we welcomed last week, she was probably the one looking the most stressed by her transport and new environment so of course, she got my attent...
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When animals show you how to be happy!

Bonjour everybody!When Coco and Eli, the two rescue donkeys from Caenhill Countryside centre are going back out after a few month spend in their winter pen away from the cold, the rain and the wind... Well, it goes bananas!! I think they are a perfect example of how we should enjoy our freedom to go outdoor, enjoy simple things,...
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Our new baby goat called Paris!

Bonjour everybody!When you walk into the barn and hear "BAAAH" and you don't recognise the voice and suddenly a new little one shows her face! Welcome to the world Paris and welcome to Caenhill Countryside centre!There is something between her and I, she gets so calm as soon as I pick her up, I think we are going to be best friends. I want to spend...
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