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Wild life paintings

Bonjour everybody!I have not talk about my past much, I will probably some day but for now I will just mention that I lived in big cities for a long time (Paris, Bruxelles, London) before coming here in the countryside.Today, I could not come back to the hustle and bustle of the city life, don't get me wrong, I loved it when I was there, particular...
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Our crazy side!

Bonjour everybody!Chris like myself are not only an artist or a farmer, like everyone, we have different facets and one of them has come to life lately!These days we find anything we can to keep the momentum and fun going, one of the thing we have started doing for a little while now is dancing! Not that we are good at it (far from it) but thi...
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Cat commissions - Why do we love cats so much.

Bonjour everybody!What is going on?? it is all about cats these days! As far as I know cats are the only animal who has his own dedicated day Caturday!Well it is all hitting home now as I am going to spend most on the coming week to paint cat portraits for my lovely clients. I will of course create progressing video of the artworks being done.Most ...
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Giggle painting - progressive video and art talk.

Bonjour everybody!Here is my latest painting and of course, as promised Giggle the gosling is the star! These last few days I had to spend a bit less time with him so he can bond with his little friends the ducklings, get use to the farm and all the animals in it and just be a goose! I won't deny that it break my heart to let him go slowly but...
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Giggle the goose painting in progress.

Bonjour everybody!It is a rainy day and I could not get Giggle out of my head, he is now happy with his little ducklings friends and Frazzle the little bantam chick with who he will be friend for life. I am happy for him but it doesn't prevent me to miss him so much, everyone who has had a strong bond with an animal would understand it.Emotions can...
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Pet portrait of Moose the chocolate Labrador.

Bonjour everybody!I am very happy to show you my latest commission, this is Moose the chocolate Labrador who sadly passed away recently. His owners asked me to Paint their lovely companion to remember him by. I loved him as a subject, he is staring at you in the eyes, looking like he is asking for you to get him outside for a walk. Colour...
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Paintings I particularly love.

Bonjour everybody!Today is a rainy day, I am in my studio this morning after recording the farm rush hour.I decided to look back at a few paintings and create a little videos of some that Particularly love. Don't get me wrong, I love all my painting because each of them bring me joy and have taught me something and there is alwa...
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Giggle the goose, first day of rain for him!

Bonjour everybody!First time for Giggle to feel the rain! Yes, we have not had rain here since he was born on the 18th April.He got very exited and energised, I thought it would be a good idea to catch a slow motion of his excitement! this little one can run and fast! I think he makes me run more that the other way around to be honest!I love that t...
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Duran the peacock is a nice challenge for artists

Bonjour everybody!As an artist I have some subjects or shall I say animals that I know will come easily on canvas, I know their shape, their colours, the contrast and light that works best for them and I will build the composition that will show their best side!Duran the peacock and Duran the peahen have been an item forever, I do find Duran the pe...
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Pet portrait time lapse and art talk

Bonjour everybody!This is a lovely commission I have been asked to paint, Norman is this little dog very much loved by his owners Rachael and Alan, The pet portrait was for Rachael's birthday and she loved it, it is now hung above Norman's bed waiting to be framed!I used to have a dog when I was young and living in France, I know how you can g...
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Tasting new foods, an adventure for Giggle the goose!

Bonjour everybody!A question popped up several times these last few days asking what Giggle eat, he is eating chick crumbs at present, it is a formulated mix especially designed for chicks who don't have their biological mum to feed them so mum like me can take care of him! Chick crumbs are a mix of wheat, barley, soya, some fats and ...
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Giggle the goose, watch him grow up everyday!

Bonjour everybody!Giggle is here with me chirping happily as I am writing to you, I must be saying the word "Giggle" hundred times a day lately but I cannot help it! Giggle stole my heart, he is 3 days old today and he already has a fan club online.I cannot thank everyone enough for their kind comment about Giggle, he is so adorable and full of lif...
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Chicken commission and art talk.

Bonjour everybody!Chicken are the type of animals who are quirky, funny and full of personality in their way to move and interact with each other, so when I am asked paint them as a commission, I am over the moon!At the farm they are everywhere, where ever you look, you are going to see some "chicken mischief" going on. Them alone could entert...
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Giggle the goose, one day old and trying to stand up.

Bonjour everybody!I woke up with Giggle in my mind, went to see him and I love how he came waddling toward me this morning, he respond to my voice already and it is the cutest thing ever!Trying to stand up is still a skill Giggle need to master but he is getting there! Nature is amazing, only one day old and already so mobile and exited a...
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Welcome to the world Giggle, my little gosling.

Bonjour everybody!What a rainy morning we had! I woke up thinking this day will bring something good, even though that cold and humid weather can really get to you sometimes.Rush hour was very good and we made the most of it. I later decided to do a few videos of the farm and find myself with our rescue rabbits when Chris called me o...
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Lockdown, where would you go on holidays once Freedom is back?

Bonjour everybody!Today is Friday, in normal circumstances, we would all have that Friday feeling of freedom, weekend coming up, going out, catching up with friends. The feeling is a little dull these day, I don't know if it is the same with you but here at the farm we have to constantly remind ourselves what day it is! Even if we work everyda...
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Sunny morning and more live entertainment to come!

Bonjour everybody!You do know when the day is going to be a good day, that feeling that only good things can happen, I get it a lot here, walking down the sensory garden towards our office, meeting Coco and Eli, our rescue donkey and our geese having a rest after rush hour and breakfast. What can be better than this? Well, it can be a bit bett...
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Delivering lambs, welcome to the world!

Bonjour everybody!Did you see this! Two births happened! Two little lambs were born yesterday. I remember last year saying to Chris that I was really looking forward to it and hopefully being able to be present during a birth, well, my wish came true beyond my expectations!!It all happened after our Facebook Live, Chris and I usually go back to our...
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Morning routine and morning thoughts.

Bonjour everybody!What could be best as a routine to wake up to the sunrise, feeling the freshness of the morning slowly warming up, it's a nice dry cold this morning, you can still see the frost on our sheep's back and when you put your hand into their wool, it is all nice and warm.I like thinking that if there is one thing we are sure about is th...
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Reflecting on the day and these last few weeks!

Bonjour everybody!It's time to reflect, I do this when I am in the studio, today is Monday and it is a bank holiday here in England, I will be painting a commission, sorting out paper work and and catch up with a few things that were not a priority this easter.The priority was to make you have a good time, it was to entertain you, make you lau...
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