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Hare illustration!

Bonjour everybody!I am so pleased that my client Lee Ann contacted me to create some illustrations for her, she is working on her new business producing fabrics for children clothing, we are starting with HARE!Lee Ann commissioned me for 3 different illustrations and here is one of them.Hare is a really popular subject here in the UK and particular...
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Pet portrait of Ruby the dog!

Bonjour everybody!Meet Ruby! I love the fact that my client took the time to describe Ruby to me, it helps me forming a picture in my head of my little subject but also the close relationship she has with her owner.Ruby in an 8 pounds 14 years old Norfolk Terrier with a strong personality, she is very talkative and a lot of her emotions show t...
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My New greeting cards are here!

Bonjour everybody!My new greeting cards have arrived! they are beautiful, I am always really exited about seeing my work as merchandising, it is one of the most rewarding thing ever, and when they come out of that high quality it just put a smile on my face.Here is a video down below that shows the process I used for the cards, the inspiration and ...
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New greeting cards coming up, and Rush hour is one of them!

Bonjour everybody!Well, the rush hour is a MUST when you are at the farm and as an artist I just could not design a new set of greeting cards without creating one dedicated to the rush hour!Yes! you read well, I have a new set of cards coming up and I should have them available next week! It is all about baby animals, fun and rush hour but the...
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All about kittens!

Bonjour everybody!It is all about kittens lately, no wonder! We are now finding ourselves with 10 kittens now that we finally find Smudge's kittens!There is nothing more fun and soothing to watch them play and as an artist you can be like a sponge of all the nice things you can see around you. Many of these kittens will go to good homes, Viole...
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Hedgehogs in love!

Bonjour everybody!Wildlife is very much my inspiration at the moment, we are so lucky here in Wiltshire to be surrounded by it, we meet Badgers, foxes, all sorts of birds and of course Hedgehogs!A few weeks ago the weather was extremely dry which is fairly unusual for us in England and we can see the wildlife suffering from it. Chris found 2 baby h...
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Illustration for new greeting cards!

Bonjour everybody!Because inspiration is everywhere lately with all our baby animals growing up together, I can't help but illustrating them putting the emphasis on their cute and fun side. So I thought what about doing a few illustrations and turn them into greeting cards!So here we go! this is the first one: Violet the kitten and Benedict the Gos...
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Chippy the cat - pet portrait

Bonjour everybody!Meet Chippy!Chippy is a lovely ginger cat with big eyes full of love, my client reached out to me as she was following my work on my Facebook page and what I do with the farm particularly the fun we have with Chris, Giggle the gosling and Cuthbert the goose.Chippy was my client's mum baby who sadly left them 6 years ago. What...
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Clara the puppy - pet portrait

Bonjour everybody!Here is Clara's pet portrait!Clara is a beagle mix, a rescue puppy, and the light of my client sister's life​! What a lovely surprise it it going to be!Clara is right here showing her little face looking at you from her favourite spot in the house: paws on the table in front of the lovely lace curtains. I love the idea o...
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Hugo the hedgehog first illustration

Bonjour everybody!Have you ever been in a situation where you have so many ideas that you want to take action on but you don't have enough time in a day to do so? This is me right now!It is Sunday, the day of the week you should take to relax and enjoy life, well, I enjoy illustrating and when I have an idea for a new little character I have to dra...
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First FOOD Rush for Giggle the goose!

Bonjour everybody!So many "First time" for Giggle the goose! This morning he was with me on the Rush Hour again and soon after we did a "Food Rush"!I have to say, it is a little overwhelming for a little gosling to be surrounded by so many big birds and I am not just talking about chickens and ducks who are quite big compare to Giggle but...
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First Rush hour for Giggle the goose!

Bonjour everybody!We decided that Giggle, our little one month old gosling was ready for a grown up rush hour this morning!He was a bit apprehensive, the other geese, particularly Guilbert were letting him know who is the boss, this is the pecking order going on and we cannot stop it but all good, Giggle did not leave my side and we came ...
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It's all gone bananas!!

Bonjour everybody!What I love the most at the farm is that there is so much unexpected moments every single day!Today I decided to focus on Daisy the cow.Who would have guessed that cows love bananas!! we are very lucky to receive the left over food from a couple of shops in our area and at first we did not know what to do with all these bananas, u...
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Violet and Giggle illustration

Bonjour everybody!Inspiration is everywhere these days!we have so many different characters at the farm but the ones who stand out the most at present are Violet and Giggle!They have not properly mat yet because Violet is a little bit too small, it did not prevent me to get them to meet on paper!I don't know if this will turn into a story book yet,...
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Violet the kitten illustration

Bonjour everybody!Let's talk about Violet!Yes! I Finally decided on her name thanks to all the offers I had on social media so thank you everybody for all your suggestions. I thought I would draw her before she gets too big so her is a little illustration announcing her name!Yesterday I thought that she would be a good subject for a story...
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Shyla the cat, commission painting!

Bonjour everybody!Last week was "Cat week" for me! This is my latest commision painting and I am very happy to have had the opportunity to paint Shyla, the choice of my client to have her sleeping on her favourite pillow attracted me immediately as I knew it would be different from the composition I usually do, most of the time I focus on the ...
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Book Illustrations, my tools and techniques!

Bonjour everybody!Here I am busy creating several illustrations for books! Doing these make me feels at home, I have done this kind of illustrations for over 10 years when I worked in architecture and interior design, I love it as as big part of it was creative, even though my perspective drawings were a tool to close the sale, ...
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Cat commission with Muffin and Kara's Birthday!

Bonjour everybody!This week has been about cats for me! here is Muffin portrait!I have been asked to create this piece for Kara's birthday, Kara is 35 today so thank you Chris and Helie for your request, it has been a pleasure to paint Muffin!I do paint part portrait commissions for my clients every week and it is always a pleasure to know that eac...
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Book illustrations!

Bonjour everybody!I have never really talk about where some of my inspiration comes from, having spent over 10 years in the interior design field where I was mainly doing hand drawn perspectives, my style of illustration has of course been very much influenced and inspired by the way I was drawing at the time.I was very lucky when in Paris as I met...
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Butterscotch the Guinea pig, Painting and story!

Bonjour everybody!What can I say! Butterscotch the Guinea pig is my favourite (don't tell the others).She arrived at the farm over a month ago and very quickly communicate to us her love for strawberries, mostly by nibbling them at any opportunity she found.On her portrait my aim was to get her little cheeky personality out on the canvas and s...
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