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When Cuthbert the goose inspire people to paint!

Bonjour everybody!

When I opened my emails yesterday, I wasn't expecting such a lovely message, Michele who has been following us on Twitter wrote to me about the painting of Cuthbert the goose that she has done recently. 

She has been painting for a while and this is her first animals, Michele's message really warm my heart, mostly when she wrote: "it was fun and relaxing". 

This is what it is all about and particularly in these difficult times, we need to get our focus on nice and fun things and activity, for Michele and myself, painting is the way, for Chris, it is talking to animals and photography, Kara loves writing (Check her blog, it worth a read!!). 

If you are isolated and you have more time in your hand than ever, there must be something you always wanted to do that would make you happy, you just never had the time!

Thank you Michele for this! (@TheWebmommy on Twitter)

I wish you a lovely day and hope this made you smile!


How long does it take me to paint ??
We have a new baby!!

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Wednesday, 19 January 2022

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