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Welcome to the world Giggle, my little gosling.

Bonjour everybody!

What a rainy morning we had! I woke up thinking this day will bring something good, even though that cold and humid weather can really get to you sometimes.

Rush hour was very good and we made the most of it. I later decided to do a few videos of the farm and find myself with our rescue rabbits when Chris called me on the phone for "an emergency". I thought it could be that one of our animal needed help with giving birth as it happened just a few days ago with our little twin lambs Petal and Fickle. 

Chris surprised me with something I was looking forward to for so long! My little Giggle was born! he is a Chinese gosling, the egg has been donated to us, Chris decided that the best way to have it taken care off was to put the egg in one of our Muscovy duck nest along with her other eggs. 

There we are today, I am Giggle's new mum and he is chirping happily, loosely wrapped in a towel on my laps... He has just fallen asleep. 

I will updated you everyday on him growing up and his progress on my social media like the YouTube video below but also Twitter and Instagram.

I cannot thank Chris and our whole team for this! I am so in love with him, I want to share this feeling with you and the world!

I wish you a lovely day and hope this made you smile!


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Wednesday, 19 January 2022

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