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Throwback Kenya.

Bonjour everybody!

The traditional throwback Thursday is here!

I was just looking at old photos and videos and it's unbelievable how life has changed! Chris and I were in Kenya only in January/beginning February and the freedom we had was just something that we can only dream of today.

I am the kind of person who look at the future rather than the past however these days, looking at the past good memories such as these not only make me appreciate the chance I had to travel early this year, but also the hope that this freedom will come back to us all and when it does, we will be living it with a warm feeling of appreciation. 

I miss simple things like just having a simple conversation with a neighbour, going to the shop just because you want a treat, getting a coffee with a friend or going for a meal...

But I want to believe that all of this will come back for you, for me and for everyone. in the meantime, keep safe and keep smiling.

I wish you a lovely day and hope this made you smile!


Daisy our rescue calf.
Driving Bessy the old tractor.

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Wednesday, 08 December 2021

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