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Sunflower & butterfly painting and what happens next!

Bonjour Everybody!

It has been a really good Sunday Live last week so I thought it worth talking about it.

Yes, for those who don't know I do regular live-paintings with different subjects (wildlife and animals) and different mediums.

I supply a downloadable sketch before each live available on my website so you can use it as a tool to paint along if you wish.

By doing this I remove the fear of the "white page" that you may have and give you the confidence to start and be the creative person that you are.

I talk a lot as well… And the great thing is that we are having a chat during each live as some of you are painting along, so we talk art but not only, any subject can come up as long as it is wholesome.

Last Sunday we created a Sunflower with a butterfly and I used one of my old time favourite medium: Pastels.

My preferred brand is the Unison pastels as they are soft enough, they are high in pigments and the colours are exquisite.

I used several pictures to create my composition including some lovely photos from Chris so thank you for letting me use them. I linked below the live from Sunday and here is the sketch for you to download.

If you do re-create the painting your style and post it, feel free to tag me in, I would love to see your artwork.

Now for the news, it is getting very busy as we are soon in September (Scary I know…) I am working on a calendar for which I am picking some of my paintings and illustrations to give you a special smile for each month of the year coming. 

The other very important task is Christmas commissions! Yes I start booking this early as I always get fully booked very quickly.

Like my Sunflower and butterfly painting, I work from photos so if you have an idea for a special artwork for Christmas, feel free to contact me with your pet photos and we will take it from there, If you haven't seen my commission work, here are a few examples.

I wish you a lovely week,


Magpie Market Art Show

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Wednesday, 08 December 2021

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