Bonjour everybody!

I absolutely love when an idea takes it's final shape in my head, 

I have been thinking about this painting for months, I just could not quite see how this little mouse would stand, where the legs would sit... there were a many blurry details for a while as I not only wanted the proportions and composition right but one of the most important ingredient in my paintings: FUN. 

I always want my paintings to bring a laugh and a smile because in my mind, that's what life is about.

Then one day it clicked: "I KNOW!" so I started sketching and it appeared on the paper.

I got a couple of apples to use as subject so I would get my shapes, lights and shadows correct (I had to munch on an apple as well... the things you have to do for art!)

Of course I filmed the making of this lovely piece that I called "Silly Belly" and I put a link below for you.

I wish you a lovely day and hope this made you smile!