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My new kitten!

Bonjour everybody!

As you may already know by the number of posts on social media, I have a new kitten! Bea is the loveliest little bundle of joy to have around and she cheers me up every minute of the day!

She has settled so well at home and still come to the farm with me where she meets her little friends Coral and Violet and spend the day playing around, you might have seen how happy they are to meet each other again on my vlogs on YouTube.

Bea and her kittens friends will be on my illustrations calendar 2021, I am working on it at present and putting the hours in! I am a perfectionist when it comes to my paintings and illustrations as you know. Bea, Coral and Violet illustration is going to make you smile for at least a whole month!

My calendar is all about baby animals, to me they represent hope, life carrying on and acceptance as our baby animals are friends even though they are different, we can see Violet the kitten getting on so well with Benedict the gosling, some sight that I never thought would be possible. gathering them in my calendar is a great way to show that fun, life and love is here despite our world going a bit crazy.

I haven't been able to show much of my illustrations as I want to keep it as a surprise but I will let you know on all my social media and here when my calendar is ready!

What is coming next? Well I am building up my YouTube Channel with fun vlogs about the animals, life style, a bit about myself and art, My short term goal for now is to get 1000 followers so I can do some live stream for you about different subject and of course I am open to your suggestions. If you haven't subscribed yet, feel free to go and have a look, the worst that can happen is you having a giggle!

I wish you a lovely day and hope this made you smile!


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Wednesday, 08 December 2021

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