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Learning a new form of Art

Bonjour everybody!

I am always ever so busy with painting or my illustrations, I am pleased to announce that I now have all my illustrations for my calendar and it not only feels good to see them all together but seeing the project taking shape and becoming real is very rewarding!

But this is still a task that I am doing mostly behind the scene at the moment. 

I am the kind of person who regularly need a challenge, I am sure you can relate! 

So since I love dancing and music that takes you right up to a happy mood I decided to learn how to shuffle! I never thought I would do this, let alone showing my progress but here we go! 

This is my first time showing you my attempt at shuffling on my vlog, this video shows me struggling with a new art form and showing you the art form that I know and feel comfy with (Painting)

Dare trying new things! Its a lot of fun!

I wish you a lovely day and hope this made you smile!


Commission Time
EXCLUSIVE! Baby Donkeys Coco and Eli illustration ...

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Wednesday, 08 December 2021

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