Bonjour everybody!

Let's welcome TICKLE to the world, one of our 3 little goslings hatched on the 21st July, I took him home to hatch him as after 24 hours of hearing him tapping with not a lot of success, he needed my help. 

Yes, sometime the shell is a little too hard and if no one help, the little one can exhaust himself/herself and give up. 

I have filmed the the process and show why and how I did it on the video below, 

I hope you enjoy seeing Tickle coming to our crazy world.

I am proud to say that as I am writing this, he is chirping with happiness in my "shoulder baby animal bag" that I am wearing all day so the little one is never alone, more to come on the adventures of Tickle and his little friends at home and at the farm.

I hope you enjoy it and have a wonderful day,