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First FOOD Rush for Giggle the goose!

Bonjour everybody!

So many "First time" for Giggle the goose! 

This morning he was with me on the Rush Hour again and soon after we did a "Food Rush"!

I have to say, it is a little overwhelming for a little gosling to be surrounded by so many big birds and I am not just talking about chickens and ducks who are quite big compare to Giggle but our Turkeys and Emus are very big and it must be quite a challenge for our little gosling.

However, this is a bird life, dealing with the pecking order and find your place among all these animals who already know the place like the back of their wing!

I can see Giggle defending his place before getting scared and running to me but his is getting more and more confident everyday and I am sure his place in the pecking order will soon be the one he wants.

I wish you a lovely day and hope this made you smile!


Hugo the hedgehog first illustration
First Rush hour for Giggle the goose!

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Wednesday, 19 January 2022

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