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Book Illustrations, my tools and techniques!

Bonjour everybody!

Here I am busy creating several illustrations for books! 

Doing these make me feels at home, I have done this kind of illustrations for over 10 years when I worked in architecture and interior design, I love it as as big part of it was creative, even though my perspective drawings were a tool to close the sale, I was free to use my imagination and my style of drawing and I was very thankful to be able to earn a living using my artistic skills. 

In the meantime, every evening I was in "full creativity mode" and drew many illustrations with animals, these illustrations came after stories I told myself, it all stem from day dreaming, imagination and passion. 

I am back with my illustration style for our books at CaenhillCC and I am super exited about it!

I have been asked what material and tools  I use so there they are: 

- I work on tracing paper, it allow the ink to flow well, when it comes to colour, you can re-enforce a colour or a shadow using also the other side of the paper.

- The best pens are Rotrings, they are normally for hand drafting architectural plans and elevations which is very good as you can get a very thin tip, I normally use a 0.18mm and I may use a 0.2mm if I want to thicken a line. the ink for Rotring dries very quickly on tracing paper so it prevents any stain.

- I love my colour pens, they are alcohol pens, my favourite brand is TRIA, they have 3 different thickness tips, the colours blends well so you can play with effects, shadow and light.

- The last tool id a razor blade, this allow you to lightly scratch the paper to remove some colour or line and get the white back so you can create a lot of reflection effect or have more light on your subject.

I will do more time-lapse of my illustration style and I am also thinking of doing a few test that I have in mind!

I wish you a lovely day and hope this made you smile!


Shyla the cat, commission painting!
Cat commission with Muffin and Kara's Birthday!

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Wednesday, 19 January 2022

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