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Kenyan Elephant painting

Bonjour to you! 

It is wet and windy here in the UK so I am really appreciating a day in my studio today. My Kenyan elephant painting is off to a new home along with "Jerry the Giraffe" painting. 

For having witnessed how elephants move and the unbelievable strength they have when I was in Kenya, I am really pleased with the way this piece turned out. I love representing movement in my paintings and using complementary colours to attract the eye and create even more interest in the artwork.

Thank you to everyone for the positive feedback on my African animals, I have many safari photos from my trip to Kenya and the material I got from our trip with CaenhillCC is immense, I will be posting some of them on  my Instagram page where you can contact me if you would like a commission  from any of my picture.

In the meantime, have a lovely day


Beyond the scene.
Orphan triplets lambs have arrived!


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Thursday, 13 May 2021