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Sunflower & butterfly painting and what happens next!

Bonjour Everybody!It has been a really good Sunday Live last week so I thought it worth talking about it. Yes, for those who don't know I do regular live-paintings with different subjects (wildlife and animals) and different mediums.I supply a downloadable sketch before each live available on my website so you can use it as a tool to paint along if...
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Magpie Market Art Show

Bonjour everybody!What a lovely time we had at the Magpie Market in Frome on Sunday. I was a little bit anxious about it since I hadn't done any show for about 18 months, however, as soon as I was setting up my stand, it felt like I had never really stopped. I love exhibiting my beautiful art and have people seeing it in the flesh, s...
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Hatching Tickle the Gosling

Bonjour everybody!Let's welcome TICKLE to the world, one of our 3 little goslings hatched on the 21st July, I took him home to hatch him as after 24 hours of hearing him tapping with not a lot of success, he needed my help. Yes, sometime the shell is a little too hard and if no one help, the little one can exhaust himself/herself and give...
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Bees and Pink Magnolia

Bonjour everybody!I have so much inspirational subjects around me, deciding to live in the countryside is the best thing I have done after living in busy cities like Paris, Bruxelles or London. Perhaps the only thing that is lacking is time! Time to create all the beautiful paintings that are in my head. So I pick and choose and I am...
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Painting "Silly Belly"

Bonjour everybody!I absolutely love when an idea takes it's final shape in my head, I have been thinking about this painting for months, I just could not quite see how this little mouse would stand, where the legs would sit... there were a many blurry details for a while as I not only wanted the proportions and composition right but one o...
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Time For a Wiggle

Bonjour everybody!Wiggle had his first Rush hour at the farm today and he is wiggling proud!It has been very much asked for Wiggle to be on an artwork and merchandise particularly for children so here we go!I put a link below for you, of course I have created a wide choice for adults too.Some of you may have seen the Live of the making of Wigg...
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We are going on BBC Countryfile

Bonjour everybodyThings have been absolutely amazing with the press and the amount of coverage we have had lately, It is so rewarding and humbling to read what is written about the project and what we do.One of the biggest event that is coming is the coming up Nation loved TV programme Countryfile on the BBC. They came to the farm last mo...
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Mini farm tour for the soul

Bonjour everybody!It is crazy the amount of fun, events and lovely things that happen at the farm, sometime it is not easy to keep up with it. I am now doing regular videos of "Mini Farm Tour" mainly to give you a smile but also for you to see how our animals are doing. they are on Twitter, instagram and Facebook.All our birds are in lock...
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Help our Ewe giving birth to our first lamb

Bonjour everybody!It is this time of the year where we all feel a little sluggish, it's cold or rainy outside and we just need something to stimulate our ming particularly with the addition of the lockdown.Well, at the farm, the animal heard us! Diddy Dot 2 unexpectedly gave birth to our first lamb from our flock this year! We were about to go...
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Cuthbert the Goose

Bonjour everybody!It has been a very emotional time to say the least, the news went out there very fast after Chris announced the our lovely Cuthbert passed away. It looked to us that the world cried with us.The amount of messages of support has been immense and we feel so lucky for every single one of you, every bit of support weather it is a mess...
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Halloween at the farm!

Bonjour everybody!What a time we had building up to halloween! We had so many ideas and turn them into reality thanks to Chris and Kara and of course all of you who are supporting us.I never used to celebrate halloween as it was never really a thing in France when was younger.Since I met Chris and Kara it has become a MUST event! we dressed up, had...
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Festive season and baby animals calendar!

Bonjour everybody!The festive season is approaching so fast! I am so happy to have my calendar available now, I have put lots of time, love, skills and pleasure into creating each piece keeping in mind that I wanted each month to bring the warm feeling that we had this year taking care of our baby animals at the farm.The feedback we have had w...
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Painting Trigger the pig's bottom!

Bonjour everybody!Ok, I think this is the funniest painting I have ever done so far! Creativity can be triggered (No pun intended) by a lot of things but creating merchandise has been a very interesting journey so far.Painting Trigger the Pig's bottom is an idea I had a while ago, it was just about to find the time between the farm and all the proj...
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Kitty cat Playing with Wool

Bonjour everybody!My paintings are all about feeling good, warm inside and creating smiles and this little kitten is exactly that!I have been wanting to create this painting for so long and here it is! Now, I also like challenges and the ball of wool was one of them. As a painter, you always have many thoughts about how you are going to create...
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Commission Time

Bonjour everybody!This is "commissions time" mostly with Christmas coming up faster than we think as always!I am very happy to be able to not only show you my latest painting but also have the opportunity to take you through the making of it with the video I have linked below for you!I am so pleased about the demands and requests  I have at th...
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Learning a new form of Art

Bonjour everybody!I am always ever so busy with painting or my illustrations, I am pleased to announce that I now have all my illustrations for my calendar and it not only feels good to see them all together but seeing the project taking shape and becoming real is very rewarding!But this is still a task that I am doing mostly behind the scene ...
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EXCLUSIVE! Baby Donkeys Coco and Eli illustration video

Bonjour everybody!When I decided to become a full time artist a few years ago I was really scared, it was like: I had to do it because it is who I am deep down, but when I looked at the outside day to day life it really scared me as I did not know if it would be successful. It was my dream and if it failed... I wouldn't have a dream anymo...
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We went viral a year ago and loving it!

Bonjour everybody!When the farm project Caenhill Countryside Centre went viral on social media a year ago, we could hardly believe it! Chris had his phone going crazy with notifications from different platforms, and phone calls from radios and TVs were happening on a regular basis.We cannot thank Rachel Thompson from Mashable enough for h...
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Farm Tour with Chris and Caroline!

Bonjour everybody!We have been so lucky with the weather lately! Look at this summer sky, and as a farm it is very important as we are right into the harvest at the moment. We do a lot of work in the evening as the days are longer.We have been contacted by a new app called DIVE with who we now do regular live streams, I have recorded the ...
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My new kitten!

Bonjour everybody!As you may already know by the number of posts on social media, I have a new kitten! Bea is the loveliest little bundle of joy to have around and she cheers me up every minute of the day!She has settled so well at home and still come to the farm with me where she meets her little friends Coral and Violet and spend the day playing ...
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